A short course in idea to income development

How to create your own road to business success

Everyone is looking for ideas to make more money. Some are just chasing the American Dream; others are just trying to eliminate their debt induced nightmares. With the growing cache of migrating companies and the dropping wages in what few jobs are available, many are coming to grips with not having enough to keep food on the table. Regardless of why you are looking for options, you need to get past the landside of possibilities offered by the various ‘experts’ on the web. Although many may be sound and practical, most are not, but that is not why we are having this discussion.

There is no substitute for making your own path, you control how well or bad you do. You don’t need a degree in business or a large bank account most ideas can be started for nothing. You also don’t need to focus on just one idea, build multiple streams and you don’t have to worry about any one concept being a flop.

An idea is great, a concept is great, but with no action it is just a note on your desk. You have to get moving on it, probe it, test it, improve it until it becomes and does what you want; achieve some success. Ideas are available everywhere and there are useful strategies to help you come up with but my experience is that the best way is just to interact with your world. You are bombarded with possibilities all day long. Events that force you to think, ‘there has to be a better way’, ‘someone has to come up with a way’, ‘why don’t they just’; every time you hear yourself or someone else say something along these lines you have potential. You need to become them, the developer, and focus on wrapping your mind around the problem and creating the solution.

Is your idea viable or a flop, can it produce and maintain a flow of income. In this age, modern businesses take years to get products on the market. Usually because there are so many chiefs that no one is making decisions to move forward but they also don’t want to back a dead horse. A number of techniques can help you to try out your idea before actually spending a great deal of money on it. We have all seen million dollar flops; you can’t do that, so test your idea in the wild first.

In business it’s called test marketing. Put it out there see if they bite and if they do then you can put together the rest of the car to get you there. How do you test your idea? Build a web page, get people looking at it, don’t ask for money just inquiries and give them a chance to tell you what they think. Do that 10 times over 10 days and you have 10 potential streams. If each stream earns $250 a month that is $2500 a month of new income. That may seem pitiful but how many ideas can you create. More importantly, how will they grow over time? You have to extend your vision of success beyond today, tomorrow, even next year. You are out to grow and prosper that requires patience and persistence. Think beyond this moment and into where you want to go. It is a numbers game. You will not succeed every time but every effort will put you in the right framework to keep pushing forward. Sometimes the greatest successes have also been the greatest failure.

So fall, and be happy, you know one think that doesn’t work. Learning what works is a part of the process.

You can have an idea online nearly instantly. This has become such a crucial part of my development process that I created a method for building complete website in just 15 minutes (we will go there in another post). Speed is everything. Get it out there now and move on and let nature take its course. You are already advertising and to a global audience then you just need to add traffic. The importance in business development that the Internet brings to the 21st century can’t be understated. It has created a leveling effect on an individual’s ability to achieve. It is no longer about big companies with deep pockets it is about the idea and the customer. Let the others vie for adsenses and keywords, and link exchanges, you out for the long haul building a business you can rely on.

Don’t focus on the money, focus on the customer. Good, bad, or ugly if you chase your ideas for money alone it will elude you. If you chase your idea for the benefit it gives to your customer and sincerely want to help them, you are on the right path. Money is a consequence of doing a good job that others appreciate. It’s a product of trust that someone puts in you. The world is full of people just trying to scam others and your customer is gun shy and weary of drama or worst afraid of being unduly cloned and faced with a double life, if you want to succeed you need to be their best friend and bring them into the process. Talk about Marketing 2.0 usually does not make it this simple but that is the idea in a nutshell, your customers are as much partners in your development as they are the consumer. One supporting voice in the wake of your idea can propagate through your marketplace faster than a Super Bowl ad placement.

It is not hard to make money if you focus on a few actions instead of focusing on the planning. Planning is necessary but there comes a time when you have to untie the boat and hit the waves. One of my favorite quotes from Joe Vitale, “money likes speed; if you don’t jump on the opportunity then it will go to the next person in line.”

Ideas are simple and plentiful– Just think about solving problems and improving lives. Stay aware, pay attention, listen, track them, pick a few and do a little strategic thinking.

Know your audience– Who wants it and is willing to pay for it. What can you do to make their life easier? Think about how old they are, where they live, what do they read or watch on TV; try to “build” the ideal customer. It will make it easier for you to find them by being in the place they stay.

Put it out there– Get online now, build interest, and get input.

Test, test, provide– Test your idea in as many ways as possible before spending any money. Then build and deliver. Get creative and get traffic.

Talk it up– The idea has to be shared, the customer has to know about you. Offer some inducement to get traffic to your site. What FREE methods can you use to promote your product idea? Once again, be creative as a promoter.

Make your customer your partner– One of my product lines offers an alpha version for free and for that the customer helps me solidify the concept. By doing that they participate in making it a viable concept that everyone benefits from and I don’t waste time on concepts that others have no interest in.

Go to the bank– After you have generated, tested, and built your idea you are ready to make your offer to provide your product. Get the gears in place to accept orders, fulfill orders, and put money in the bank

Unlimited expansion– Once the ball is rolling you will find more ways to market the idea. Get on retail shelves, other catalogs, maybe new spin-offs you hadn’t consider. At this point the idea is taking on a life of its own and you are on the ride of a lifetime.

Do it again– More ideas please. You can do anything you want on your own so generate some more ideas. Their like air molecules, you can’t walk without bumping into a million of them. Then go back to the top of this list.

This may seem overly simplified and it is, but you have to make the effort and take a long view. There is a difference between getting rich quick and getting rich fast; namely, getting rich quick is usually just an effort to separate fools from their wallets. You may make it but eventually it will bring you down. Does spam really work?! (Rhetorical) The fast road to success is paved by working on how you benefit your customers and the better you do it the more they become a spokesperson for you.

So, skip all those GRQ (Get rich quick) offers you see on the web; their getting rich off you. If you want to succeed on the fast track then get on the road with your own idea as many as you want. Become your own Conglomerate for pennies! It’s not about the Internet, it’s not about advertising, it’s about customers and what they want and what you can provide and then bringing those two elements together. Make their lives easier and their will show their gratitude in your profits.