Neither feet or wings

Give the moments of your life that seem to be designed to work against you neither feet or wings, give them no substance or toll, let them neither grow nor embed their ilk within you. Disallow them to build a fortress or find comfort within you. Let them simply go… let them find other harbors; for you have the knowledge and reason to proclaim “I am not this”, I am merely experiencing a possibilities and as such can choose to see things not as reducing me but as a lesson learned and a life propelled. I am not this moment so I will not allow it to take root, to grow and inevitably rot from within and erode my progress through this lifeline. My life will not be determined by what on the surface seems to be a stone wall when in fact it is nothing more than a pebble on a path so wide that I may proceed around it.

     There are after all no problems, no negatives or positives, only events and all events serve a valid reason and construct for this life. Even though on the surface a seemingly negating occurrence may seem overwhelmingly depressant, within certain moments, we are still just drawing on perception and experience to define it as yin and yang- up or down, left or right, good or bad. Only moving through and past it will you reap the bounty from even the smallest misstep that conspires to aide us on the path. Find comfort in knowing, trust as your companion that everything comes to pass in due course. You are not the stumble in the mud, or the slam of the phone, you are not the debt or solitude you are merely experiencing the lull that leads you towards what must be something more. A grand destiny as of yet- a work in progress.

     You know that your mind is a fertile playground for both happiness and fear. You choose from winch each grows. Your mind does not distinguished based upon truth but your perception of truth marked and marred by your own past, beliefs, and dialogue. Things will happen, that is assured but the hindrance or harm is no stronger than your ability to see past that moment to some point where all becomes clear. Clear, in that all things come into focus and the moments become carefully carved and laid like a cobblestone path upon which you journey. No one person is better or worst then the other but each is placed methodically on the path you seek and you walk upon the road not timid but defiantly, not fearful but with the knowing that each stone in step is in fact firm and connected to each other stone that comes next. You never walk alone.

     You choose to experience because what is real is a matter of perspective. It is a stone you carry. Weight and bulk measured by your insistence that it holds you down or lifts you up for in truth that stone is but air. You, have given it the dimension, depth, and weight by your own narrow view of its impact. You see only what is on the surface, namely in a plain state shaped by you. A shape easily formed in the forge and fire of your own thoughts and action thicken by re-examination. Is it just as easy to carry air as it is smoke except that the smoke will cause discomfort.

You cannot avoid the moments or events of your life or ignore them, any more then you can run between raindrops. You can learn to enjoy the rain as it coolly splashes on your face and you dance down the street with the giddiness of a child. Remember, you won’t melt… unless that is what you choose.

     You are power and empowered. You are both the source and the spillway connected endlessly. As life feeds to you, you too feed it. Choose, choose well to be better and stronger in your approach to this life. Choose to find the gold in the mud rather than curse the rain for giving you slick soles. Build a castle! Trust and know the illusions of events are neither good nor bad, it just is and you can have neither, both, or something radically afield from all. Recognize you as receiving all things as you wish but not always the way you meant. Understand that some roads do double back on themselves for some cause and just stay on course.

     Life is effortless only when you let it. Give your problems neither feet nor wings, nor substance or toll just accept the adventure and move towards the horizon with all dispatch as if you knew that moment was just a precursor to something better. It is all within you and never without as it may seem.

You choose, the feet and wings are meant for moving forward with the best possible dispatch.