Sail Upon My Own Wind

Created 12/16/04 – Revised 06/26/14

I was told to anchor in a barren cove
and the wind was stolen from my sails.

I was told to tie down and rest
As a noose was dressed in heavy laden gold.

I was told to yield to charts and sextants
Worn and known, to be or do, as others extol.

I listen and yielded, tried and strived
Only to find, this world complete, in this harbor- is denied.

With faith as thinned, and hope dimmed
On soaring winds did a glint of fate arrive.

Beating heart to beating wings propelled
No shelter, no safety, you are forewarned.

I clutch some power within and plant my feet,
“This then, only as I choose to submit.”

Winds do shift to paths unknown
On this journey the world most boundless and whole.

I raised my sails, and garner new rope
And push through the blustering choir of voices.

Amongst the shards of certainty graced, a requiem arises,
“I am my own ship, my own course, my own whip.”

-Richard Bishoff