In between “If you want something” and “go get it”

by Sheridan Bishoff
Anguish: Oil painting by Sheridan Bishoff

In between “If you want something” and “go get it” is a void where you must know what that “something” is in order to “get it”.  Find what you love, don’t settle for less, and create that “something” with passion.  Make it bigger than all your fears, grander then all the obstacles, a purer form of expression then all your doubts and worries.  Where all the things that stand in your way are reduced to dust, then you can see your way clearly to push through the particles swirling about your head to “get it”.  You have to have the “something” and then nothing stands in your way.

Why do you want “it”?

  Is “it” big enough to carry you across molten lava, to provide wings to sail over the jagged cliffs, to strengthen your tired, aching, and failing limbs against the chaotic storm that presses your flesh against your bones, throws debris in your face, and pelts you with broad, sharp daggers of rain.  As the dark rises do you have some point of light to act as both beckon and magnet? To spear the uncertainty of the path beneath your feet and slice the solitude and silence that can overwhelm and stymie you.  You must have the focus, the reason, and then the result becomes self-creating.  When the why is powerful the “it” is fulfilled.

How bad is that “want”
In the dark, against the storm, there is one more step.  Be it a crawl or a wallow in the muck – you pull forward.  A mile becomes a foot, a foot an inch; increments of achievement become smaller and with greater effort.  The urge to stop teeters as the gravity of a thousand earths; still you must reach out for one more hand full of mud.  Lifting as you do to gaze at the light even through the onslaught. Persistence becomes a battle cry, filled with tears from within and out.  You push back against the walls, ratcheting bricks with fists, feeling blood crack from you skin.  All for that next step.  One more step.
One more step
In between “want” and “get” is character.  A force beyond physics and evolution. A crowning achievement of fortitude and substance that creates worlds, discovers new shores, and lifts up a sinking civilization lost in its own waters.  A realization of personal power and brand that becomes the backbone, muscle, and mind of an individual scarred, beaten, but never broken.  A person not just capable, but assured, against any and all crushing weights that seek to sink desire.  The final measure of a human on purpose.
Strive to lean into the fall. Seek to be on purpose.  Reach for “something” – anything with passion.  Rise above the journey and towards the destination; the two are not mutually exclusive.  To have, be, or do anything is to know – it’s all in your hands; hidden behind the mud, the blood, and heaving lungs.  Even now the only barrier is you.
Now, “go get it!”