The Secret to having the best life

Do the best you can
With what you have,
In this moment,
And revel in all folly.

Accept yourself
As perfect imperfection.
Know yourself
As a work in progress.

See yourself as a piece of a larger whole
Separate, distinguishable, Individual,
Within a story that spans the age of the universe
United, completed, and relying on every other piece that exists.

Take a breath and know
That air has been inside countless others,
Grab a hand full of Earth
And hold the endless parade of creatures
That lived and died to create it.

The secret to life is letting go
Of allowing ourselves to be infinitely finite
Faithfully created in love, cherished and supported as miraculous
Knowing that no one lives our life except ourselves.

The secret to life is that there isn’t one.
Life is what you put in and what you leave out.
Life is you at your best and at your lowest
Life is knowing the sun will rise until it doesn’t
And in between those moments you just breath.

The secret to the best life
Do the best you can
With what you have,
In this moment,
And revel in all folly.
The universe will take care of the rest.


You are not your memories.

You are not the events that moved in and out of your life.
You are not the emotions, feelings, or reactions
That arose from your being, in any given moment.
You are not your regrets
You are not what you have not done.
You are not the absence of being in the events
That did not arrive, arise, or never existed.
You are the actions.
You are the steps you took.
The people you met.
The lives you touched, including your own.
You are the places you have filled,
You are the things you have done,
You are this present moment.
Not the experiences, the learning, the things you hold dear.
You are, simply, here.
In this place,
At this time,
As long as you let it all just go; life is complete.

Time May Yet Give

Life is created in small portions- we call them moments.  Tiny seemingly insignificant measures of time that we watch pass on a continual march from some place we are to where we are going.  Tiny packets that carry no plague or promise nor even an indication of possibility but yet have such power as to change the course of humanity within a heartbeat or a grasp.   Fragments of our lives both won and lost that disappear into nothingness just as they came leaving whispers, whimpers, and impressions.  Remembrances etched  not as passing seconds but as reverberations through a lifetime in our own psyches.  Read More

Question Everything

Of all the gifts that I can bestow upon my girls this is the most important:

Question everything. Question the color of the sky. Question the products you buy. Question the quote from an expert. Question all reductive studies of truth. Question every branch of inquiry. Question intentions, agendas, beliefs, opinions; question everything so you can make it your own. Question the story, the words, the choice of sentence structure. Question the tone of the word from mouths, the stance of the speaker. Look deeper, then, into the thin fleshy mask that may say one thing and still mean something else.

Know that truth is an illusion created by some self-important being floating out in the environment. There is no face value behind a mask. Learn of their truth; accept it or deny it but question its authenticity. Don’t blindly follow a voice you have never met, will never meet, and doesn’t know you in particular or you as a sentient being.
Read More

Neither feet or wings

Give the moments of your life that seem to be designed to work against you neither feet or wings, give them no substance or toll, let them neither grow nor embed their ilk within you. Disallow them to build a fortress or find comfort within you. Let them simply go… let them find other harbors; for you have the knowledge and reason to proclaim “I am not this”, I am merely experiencing a possibilities and as such can choose to see things not as reducing me but as a lesson learned and a life propelled. I am not this moment so I will not allow it to take root, to grow and inevitably rot from within and erode my progress through this lifeline. My life will not be determined by what on the surface seems to be a stone wall when in fact it is nothing more than a pebble on a path so wide that I may proceed around it. Read More

If it is my place, my thing, to write

If it is my place, my thing, to write then write I must
for such things as thoughts may permit a future untarnished.
Let these words, these letters, and syllables be the jest and disguise,
the folly and forlone, and by the grace of solitude rain down upon
this world like a vision of things to come.
No matter the essence the bodies or styles- this I know; no matter what I will prevail.
I will make it through and on the other side- be better for it.
This as solemn pray, this as precursor- unbound and thus exposed rush to the rail
and with the spray bath me in thoughts, words, deeds.
Bring forth the magic of creation, the science that is sentient that holds no barriers,
no banners save that which is culmination of the sweat I bear and the stroke beneath this pen.
Thus, release my tongue, and hidden vision and beneath me form a pillow of expanse and the letters appear in the foam, in the flow.
This I deem worthy, this I deem right.