The Internet – Evidence of Evolution

What you know isn’t nearly as important as your ability to find it.
We, my family and I, have had some version of broadband in our homes since 2001.  I was fortunate to have come upon an R&D job that put me in front of a T1 line and that story was written.  I can probably said that my three month stint annoying our cable company to get it into our neighborhood was paramount creating the city wide roll out.  I had to do it.  I had to have that power in my hands daily.  Most people believe that money, position, connection represents power.  I never bought into that, my time, dating back to card catalogs at the library taught me well; power is in knowing.  It is preparation and presentation.  It is expression and illusion.  Raw data, information from sources, is just a launching pad of pure development.  Development of our wisdom, of our essence.
I don’t believe, and my years helping others has proven this, the vast majority of people just don’t get the internet.  That can’t grasp the sheer power of learning, of knowing.  Yes, there are down sides but there are down sides in getting out of bed as well.  You don’t worry about that do you?  The truth is information is what we do.  We perceptual creatures. We learn whether we like it our not.  It is an utter violation of our existence and an impossible situation- to not learn.  We can soak up data faster then we can get it-potentially.  In fact, if you are not drinking from the well- well, your dead.  Amusingly, to this day, I have people even as they are updating their status on Facebook, wax poetic about the evils of the internet.  I still laugh at them.  To say information is evil is akin to saying the sun is just a ball of gas.  Really, really- are you missing the point.

A short course in idea to income development

How to create your own road to business success

Everyone is looking for ideas to make more money. Some are just chasing the American Dream; others are just trying to eliminate their debt induced nightmares. With the growing cache of migrating companies and the dropping wages in what few jobs are available, many are coming to grips with not having enough to keep food on the table. Regardless of why you are looking for options, you need to get past the landside of possibilities offered by the various ‘experts’ on the web. Although many may be sound and practical, most are not, but that is not why we are having this discussion.

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Searching For A Better Marketing Method

Towards A New Marketing Model

If your a marketing guy in the modern world who has a finger on the pulse of technology, you have pretty much came to the same conclusion that marketing has changed drastically. The conventional print and broadcast models have become borderline passe as newspaper hang on to readers and countless channels vie for a shrinking marketplace of advertisers. The old days of brand recognition are being replaced by informed consenting adults. Better educated, armed with better nonfiltered information getting to market should have become more complicated but instead it has become easier. In fact, if you can build websites you can have your idea online in minutes and with a little knowledge of blogging, SEO, and linking be in front of your potential market in days, not years. Careful with that, if you promise the moon and deliver mud you have a domain worth dirt. Read More

Do you know what it takes to make money from your ideas?

Do you know what it takes to make money from your ideas? Most do not but the good news that it does not require a lot of effort just some thought and a few key concepts to prepare before hand. Business plans are fine but before spending hours on planning, development, and even more on funding an idea, make it work first. Check its viablility then do the ‘prep’ work. You want to spend nothing or next to nothing to get a feel for the potential of your idea not a bankroll for a flop.

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