Question Everything

Of all the gifts that I can bestow upon my girls this is the most important:

Question everything. Question the color of the sky. Question the products you buy. Question the quote from an expert. Question all reductive studies of truth. Question every branch of inquiry. Question intentions, agendas, beliefs, opinions; question everything so you can make it your own. Question the story, the words, the choice of sentence structure. Question the tone of the word from mouths, the stance of the speaker. Look deeper, then, into the thin fleshy mask that may say one thing and still mean something else.

Know that truth is an illusion created by some self-important being floating out in the environment. There is no face value behind a mask. Learn of their truth; accept it or deny it but question its authenticity. Don’t blindly follow a voice you have never met, will never meet, and doesn’t know you in particular or you as a sentient being.
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